Tristan Gibeau University of Central Florida
Cy Khormaee Harvard University
Wilson To University of California, Davis
Jason Wakizaka University of California, Los Angeles
Helena Xu University of California, San Diego

The Lifelens team truly believes in using their expertise in bettering society on a larger, global scale and
motivating students to commit their time to change the way technologies and solutions are developed on a
macro-level. Each member of Lifelens comes from a different background and is diverse in academic studies.
The idea of integrating various subjects of academia to synergize into a collective idea inspired Lifelens to
collaborate on the completion of this project.

The Imagine Cup quote, “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing
us today" further ignited the inspiration of creating a device that may alleviate some of the world's largest
dillemmas. From there, Lifelens was inspired by the conviction that simple solutions, once created and
implemented, have the possibilites of creating tremendous changes and ripples in the world.

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Lifelens - Imagine Cup 2011 US National Finalists